Client Manager (CM)

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Client Manager (CM) is a web application that is designed to help you manage interactions with your clients and improve relationships. It includes features for managing client contact information, tracking client interactions and activities, and automating business processes such as sales, marketing, and customer service.

Features & Benefits :
  • • Contact Management: The ability to store and manage customer contact information, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles.
  • • Lead Management: The ability to track and manage sales leads, including lead source, lead status, and lead progress through the sales funnel.
  • • Sales Management: The ability to manage sales processes and opportunities, including forecasting, pipeline management, and sales reporting.
  • • Marketing Automation: The ability to automate marketing campaigns, including email marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising.
  • • Customer Service: The ability to manage customer service requests, including support tickets, service requests, and customer feedback.
  • • Analytics and Reporting: The ability to generate reports and analyze data to gain insights into customer behavior, sales performance, and overall business performance.
  • • Mobile Access: The ability to access and use the CRM software on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
  • • Integrations: The ability to integrate with other business tools and applications, such as email marketing platforms, accounting software, and e-commerce platforms.
  • • Customization: The ability to customize the software to meet the specific needs of the business, including custom fields, workflows, and automation rules.
  • • Security: The ability to provide secure access to the software, including role-based access control, encryption, and data backups.

Introducing CM version 1.0!

Client Manager version 1.0 was released! Click below to get started.

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