About Us

The company was established as an engineering and information technology consultancy company in 2005. Our main focus is on the development of desktop, web, server and mobile software applications.

Applications we develop are usually business automation type software that can be standalone, client-server or enterprise based. We also develop engineering type software for the automation of testing and calibration of electrical and mechanical equipment.

We do not believe in reinventing the wheel so we make extensive use of existing open source software components and frameworks. We make use of ubiquitous object oriented languages such as Java and all the relevant and related technologies such as XML and web services.

We are constantly expanding our expertise in business, engineering and software development so we remain open to requests for products and services that we do not presently offer.

Our Services


Our ICT experts are available to offer solutions.


If we don't have a business solution ready and waiting, we'll find it!


We are experts in various engineering disciplines.